Global Overview

The My Community Knowledge Center (MyCKC) platform is a hub for otherwise unconnected communities.  It is a place for Community Knowledge Centers to announce events online, for citizen journalists to post articles about their community, and for users to find local content with links to relevant global best practices on The Beehive.


  1. Publish localized information and best practices about daily issues in the community.
  2. Become the most updated place for the community members.
  3. Make the CKC an important player in the local community by providing information about partners in the local community.
  4. Publish and bring awareness about local issues to the global, world wide community - which can help and support local initiatives.

Why Localize Content is Important?

Nicholas M. Makau - Kenya:
"I feel so privileged to publish local content in myckc. I have been a community social worker for the last 10 years. There was a time when I wanted to get information on the locals so I could plan for projects . Through MyCKC, I am able to obtain information from others and post information to help others. I can also inform people outside the community about the situations we face and achievements we have accomplished so far."

Lehlohonolo Makgetha - Siyafunda - South Africa:
For us at KRC this is an opportunity we have been waiting for and we took the advantage of it. We have completed our website because it is a helpful tool in our marketing. We like to express our gratitude for the opportunity we have been granted.